Welcome to TheMicSite.com  We are dedicated to the selection, comparison and purchase of the most critical link in the recording chain, the microphone.  Currently, The Mic Site is only available for demonstration to online music retailers, microphone manufactures and online advertisers.  The public site will open shortly. 

Choose: Select a Mic Site “Mic Audition” session, by type of mic, manufacturer, price range, style of music or by the recorded source such as guitar, double base or drum overheads.

Play: Once the “Mic Audition” is loaded you’ll see a familiar mixer setup. Click Play ► . The Mic Site application lets you experience the character of each mic in the mix! (note: You will need Flash)

Compare: Click the small light blue A/B button on any two mic channels to bring up the compare view. Click the big dark blue toggle button switch between the two mics. Mute bed tracks to hear the mics by themselves.

Purchase: Find a favorite mic and now it’s time to buy? Great, that is why we are here! Today’s best deal is listed right on the mic channel. Check other retailers by clicking "more..." By clicking on the links and purchasing from these music retailers, you support The Mic Site.


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