#54: LDC on Female Vocals

Singer and songwriter, Angie Oase, is in for our large diaphragm condenser mic audition. Here we put several recording titans up against a few relative newcomers and you will have to hear for yourself if there is a new page to be written in the Go-To-Mic handbook. This shoot out by the MicSite focuses on female vocals. All microphones are set to cardioid polar pattern, flat and no attenuation, for this session.

Be sure to use the “Listen Blind” feature under “Options” to avoid any preconceived notions on which mic you’ll like.

Load Audition

NOTE: There is a BED Reverb track where all the mics were fed into both a small room verb and a little delay to allow you to hear the tracks as they might appear in a mix.

ITEMS: 3 Zigma, AKG, C414 XLS, CHI Lollipop LD TC, Female Vocals, JZ Microphones, large diaphragm condenser, Neumann, shoot out, TLM 107, U87 Ai, V11