#55: Dynamics on Wood Snare

We set up old favorites and a few newly introduced dynamic mics and pointed them at a Drum Workshop Collectors Series maple snare. The mics in this session are very affordable and all have defined and different voices. Local session player, Jake Mohan, stopped in to overdub a new drum take for an Alt Country track by The Ramps.

Be sure to use the “A/B” compare feature to clearly hear the difference between any two mics.

Load Audition

NOTE: We are using the Lewitt LCT340s with Recorder Man configuration for the overheads and an AKG D12VR for the kick.

ITEMS: Alt Country, ATM650, Audio Technica, Audix, Beta 56A, CAD, D4, dynamic, i5, Lewitt, Miktek, MTP 440, PM10, shoot out, Shure, SM57, snare, TSM411, wood