#64: Dynamics on Acrylic Snare

Live drums in an electronic composition? Yes! We set up old and new dynamic mic favorites and pointed them at a Spaun Coke Bottle acrylic snare and recut a section of an original song by local session player, Jake Mohan.Be sure to use the “Listen Blind” feature under “Options” to avoid any preconceived notions on which mic you’ll like.

Load Audition


NOTE: we are using the Lewitt LCT340s and the Recorder Man configuration for the overheads and an AKG D12VR for the kick.

ITEMS: acrylic, ATM650, Audio Technica, Audix, Beta 56A, D4, dynamic, electronic, i5, Lewitt, Miktek, MTP 440, PM10, shoot out, Shure, SM57, snare