#68: Dynamics on Clean Lead Guitar

This session contains 8 dynamic mics in a price range from $99 to $400. Some are old favorites some are the new up and coming players on the field. The variance in sound and presence, especially when previewed in the mix, is engaging. Bryan Knisley, of North Orbit Audio, solos over an Alt Country song using the Keeley Monterey and a MXR Carbon Copy for a lush, washy sound.

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NOTE: The MD421 II’s bass roll off switch was set to “S” or maximum roll off.

ITEMS: Alt Country, ATM650, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic, clean, dynamic, e609, electric guitar, Electro-Voice, Halo, M88 TG, MD 421 II, ND46, Sennheiser, single coil, SM57, Sontronics