#72: Dynamics on Electric Bass

Eight dynamic mics are put to the test to hear how they reproduce the subtle qualities of an electric bass guitar. The array of mics is set at 28” (71cm) from the speaker bottom. These mics are engineered and renowned for their abilities to capture bass range frequencies and to handle high sound pressure levels.

Be sure to use the “A/B” compare feature to clearly hear the difference between any two mics.

Load Audition

NOTE: The MD412 II’s roll off switch is set to “M” or no bass roll off for this session.

ITEMS: Audix, Bass guitar, Beta 52A, Beta 56A, D2, D6, dynamic, Electro-Voice, Heil, MD 421 II, Miktek, ND46, PM10, PR-40, Sennheiser, shoot out, Shure