#81: LDC vs Ribbon on Male Vocals

This audition puts moderately priced large diaphragm condensers and moderately priced ribbon mics up against one another for capturing male vocals. Eric Kalenze recorded new vocals for a pop alt rock song by the Ramps. The ribbons are all naturally figure 8 polar pattern, they are all also passive and required much more gain to get the relative levels level. The LDC mics are set to cardioid, no bass roll off or attenuation, was added.
Be sure to use our “A / B” compare feature to clearly hear the difference between any two mics.
NOTE: Cardioid and figure 8 patterns produce very different sounds, however this audition means to demonstrate those sounds within a price range. Enjoy!

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ITEMS: AKG, Alt Rock, Avantone, Beta 27, CR-14, Head to Head, large diaphragm condenser, Male Vocals, MK 4, ML-53, MXL, P420, R144, ribbon, Sennheiser, Shure