#82: SDC on Drum Overheads w Metal Snare

Jake Mohan adds live drums to his electronic composition and we use 7 small diaphragm condensers across a wide price range to capture ½ of the stereo overhead picture. The mics are set up in the “Recorder Man” configuration and there is a drawing in the session images in case you are not familiar with it. The front mic directly over the center of the snare is a Neumann TLM103. NOTE: The mics in the array slope away from the kit in order to maintain equidistance from the snare and kick relative to the front mic.

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ITEMS: CEMC-6, KM184, KMS137, LCT 340, Lewitt, M5, Neumann, NT5, overheads, Peluso, rock, Rode, Shure, SM81, small diaphragm, snare