#86: SDC on Drum Overheads w Metal Snare

We use 7 small diaphragm condensers across a wide price range for this audition. The mics are set up in the ?Recorder Man? configuration and we provided a drawing in the session images if you are not familiar with it. The front mic directly over the center of the snare is a Neumann TLM103. The mics set up behind the drummer’s right shoulder are the focus of this session.

Use the Listen Blind feature under Options to avoid any preconceived notions on which mic you’ll like.

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ITEMS: Alt Country, CEMC-6, KM 184, KSM137, LCT 340, Lewitt, M5, Metal, Neumann, NT5, overheads, Peluso, Rode, shoot out, Shure, SM81, small diaphragm