#96: Tubes on Female Vox Indie Pop

Tube mics are renowned for adding that “special something” to vocals, overheads, and capturing larger-than-life-room ambience. They enhance an audio signal`s harmonics in ways only an oragne, glowing hot, vacuum tube can do. The Mic Site set up several new tube mics by Vanguard Audio, Sontronics, ADK, Mic Parts and Lauten Audio and asked Minneapolis recording artist Angie Oase to come in and sing to try them out. For this audtion each mic is set to cardiod. Besure to use the A/B feature on The Mic Site app to hear the differnece between your selections.

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ITEMS: ADK, Aria, Female Vocals, Indie Pop, LA-320, Lauten, Mercury, MicParts.com, Sontronics, TC-49, Tube, V-12 Tube Mic, v13, Vanguard