#99: Overheads Configs – Alt Country

The Mics Site set up, in one session, pretty much every overhead configuration you can think of and set Jake Mohan loose on the kit. Each configuration is a different mic pair. Listen to the stereo picture and the quality of each set of mics. We suggest muting the kit and the music bed to start off and then slowly bring both supporting channels in to hear how they sit in the mix.

A/B until your index finger falls off between X/Y, ORTF, Recorded Man, Mid/Side, and Spaced Pair.Load Audition

ITEMS: Alt Country, Avantone, CK-40, KM 184, large diaphragm condenser, LCT 340, Lewitt, M5, Neumann, overheads, Rode, shoot out, Shure, SM81, small diaphragm, stereo[fblike]