The Mic Site FAQ

What is The Mic Site?

The Mic Site helps musicians, producers and recording engineers of all levels preview microphones and other vital elements in the recording chain.

What do I need to use the Mic Site?

You will need a computer with Adobe’s Flash Player, version 10 or later installed on your system PC or Mac. We have tested the mic site and it works on Android powered tablets and phones as well. You should also go into the Flash settings and allow Flash to use as much system memory as is available. NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer 11 or higher we recommend running IE in compatiblity mode for the mixer app to function at it’s full capcity.

Why do I need to let Flash have all this memory?

The Mic Site application can deliver up to 12 channels of media that’s a pretty good amount to stream and mix even for today’s browsers and high speed connections.

Do I need to be in a studio to listen to Mic Site microphone auditions?

No, we found a good number of the microphones we test are clearly distinct sounding even when listening through the speakers on a tablet or laptop. But for the high end mics being in a studio with good monitors will certainly be the preferred listening environment. However the whole point of the site is that you can judge what these mics will sound like on your specific system so, if headphones are all you have, hook them up and enjoy.

How do you record the mics so they are all equal?

The Mic Site use our own patent pending mic stand called the Mic Hoop™ which positions the mics around the source material in a circular array. This way the sound reaches each mic at the same time and equidistant from the sound source. There are pictures of the Mic Hoop™ in action included with most of our sessions material.

I really like some of the sample songs where can I buy them online?
If the artists have their music online it will be listed under the artist info section in the mic audition. Some artists however provide us with works in progress when they record so not all songs will be available. Artists will often include their band’s email in the artist section as well make sure to send a note about liking the material and that you heard it on the Mic Site.


Why are the samples only 30 seconds long?

The Mic Site is about listening to the mics not so much the song. The songs are to help recording artists judge how the mic may sound against the style of music they are planning to record.

When I search for prices some mics only have one retailor why?

There are some manufactures that have exclusive deals with a retailer so there my be fewer results for some manufactures than others.

Can I request a certain mic to be part of an audition?

This is a feature we are working on for phase 2

Why aren’t you testing vintage mics against new mics?

Two reasons, first any two vintage mics may sound different from one another. There is no telling what they have been through in their life span and therefore it could never be a fair test. Meaning the test 67 vintage mic we tried may sound nothing like the one you might find on eBay. Second the Mic Site’s business is helping people determine what the best new microphones offered in today’s market best suit their needs.