Hot! #29: LDC on Female Harmony

Angie Oase, singer /songwriter and front woman for Pennyroyal lends her stunning voice to several songs for our large diaphragm condenser mic tests. In this session she is singing harmony behind her own lead to a song recorded by the Ramps. The LDC array was set about 10 inches in front of her, all mic pads were set to 0db, any roll-off switches were set to flat, and all mics were set to cardioid pattern for this session. There is a small amount or reverb from the harmonies bussed to the lead vocal track.

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ITEMS: Alt Rock, AT4050, Audio Technica, Baby Bottle, Blue Microphones, CAD, Female Vocals, harmony, large diaphragm condenser, Luna, M-Audio, sE Electronics, SE2200A, shoot out, ST59, Sterling Audio, Trion 6000