Hot! #31: LDC vs Ribbon Room

We set four Large Diaphragm Condensers against four Ribbon mics to capture a room’s sound. The mics are priced between $100 and $700. Minneapolis singer /songwriter Angie Oase, is playing acoustic guitar in this session.

The mics are 12 inches (30.5cm) in front of her, all pads are set to 0db, roll-off switches are set flat, and all mics are set figure 8 pattern.

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NOTE:The Avant CR-14’s form factor caused a 1 inches set back from the other mics.

ITEMS: ART, AT4050, Audio Technica, Avantone, CR-14, Head to Head, M-Five, ML-53, MXL, Oktava, R144, ST59, Sterling Audio, TS-2