#26: SDC on Folk Acoustic

Minneapolis musician and room audio treatment designer Bryan Knisley came into the studios to conduct a Mic Site session where we are testing Small Diaphragm Condenser microphones. All of the mics in this test are under $500 and some as little as $60.

Bryan did some finger picking a on a Yamaha FD01S for this session. The mics are set about 8” (20cm) from the where sound hole meets the guitar’s neck. All mic pads were set to 0db and if there were roll off switches they were set to flat.

Load Audition

NOTE: Apex discontinued the 471 shortly after this session was recorded.

ITEMS: 471, acoustic guitar, APEX, CEMC-6, CM 103, folk, MK-012-01, MXL, MXL 991, NT5, Oktava, Peluso, Rode, Shure, SM81, small diaphragm, ST31 FET, Sterling Audio