#24: SDC on Slide Acoustic

Minneapolis musician and room audio treatment designer Bryan Knisley came into the studios to conduct a Mic Site session where we are testing Small Diaphragm Condenser microphones. All of the mics in this test are under $500 and some as little as $60.

Bryan played a glass slide on a Yamaha FD01S for this session. The mics are set about 8” (20cm) from the where sound hole meets the guitar’s neck. All pads were set to 0 and if there were roll off switches they are set to flat.

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NOTE: The Apex 471 is a tube condenser and at the time of this posting was just discontinued.

ITEMS: 471, acoustic guitar, APEX, CEMC-6, CM 103, MK-012-01, MXL, MXL 991, NT5, Oktava, Peluso, Rode, shoot out, Shure, slide, SM81, small diaphragm, ST31 FET, Sterling Audio